• i’m andy reff an indianapolis creative director

    i’m andy reff and i am an indianapolis based creative director, freelance web designer and front end developer

Indianapolis Creative Director

Hi, i’m Andy Reff and I am an indianapolis based creative director, freelance web designer and front end developer.

With 10+ years of creative design and interactive development experience my work possibilities are endless. I specialize in clean, efficient and effective design and front end development for websites and with that I am able to bring my clients the best solutions to help them with their needs. If you have a project or are in need of any type of creative assistance, i can help, so lets get in touch and take your project to the next level. You can learn more about me, or learn a few facts below such as some of my skills or maybe just a little more insight to who i am.


I have always enjoyed web design and development from an early age and have always thrived on learning and figuring out how something worked with the web. Over time, my knowledge and experience has rapidly grown and continues to grow and each step taken is more and more exciting. One thing that i particularly love and admire is ui (front end) design and development. These are the skills that are my tools i use day to day on the the job/freelance. i pride myself on my knowledge and expertise in the areas that i specialize and accelerate in. here is a taste of just a few of the skills that i posses and that are essential to creativity and development.

  • html5

  • css3

  • device design

  • jquery

  • wordpress

  • photoshop

some fun facts

You can always read something about someone to learn more about them, but i thought i would take it even further and throw a few random facts at you … some im not as proud of …

  • 2
    international awards

  • Country
    Fav music on spotify

  • Indianapolis

  • SK Cream Ale
    Favorite Beer

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